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Versatility of the American Curly Horse

This gallery will show you that Curly horses are indeed being shown, ridden and proven to be one of the most versatility breeds in the U.S. today. They can drive a cart or pull logs out of the woods, show in refined disciplines like dressage, jumping and cross country and also taking ribbons in the speed and gymkhana classes. Some are even showing that the breed can go the distance and have entered their Curly Horses in Endurance and CTR's (competitive trail riding). Additionally, they are also used for sports such a s mounted shooting, vaulting and the rigors of extreme trail riding, packing in the mountains and in all terrains. Finally, you will also see Curly horses being used in reining and western pleasure. The reason Curly Horses are so versatile is because they have the "heart" to do whatever is asked of them and the intelligence and steady demeanor to tackle anything that comes their way.

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